When you think about it, there is no reason to have a poorly insulated house, especially since there are so many insulation contractors available. There are also rebate programs in Chicago that will help pay for your new insulation, since this can be viewed as a method of saving energy as well.

Keeping your home properly insulated is much like putting on a winter coat when it is cold outside. It prevents you from losing your body heat and, therefore, ending up cold. In addition, this insulation prevents moisture from getting through to the walls of your home, as this can do significant damage. When you think of new insulation as an investment in the short and long term health of your home, there is really no reason to avoid getting it done.

What to Consider

Before looking for insulation contractors, you should consider the health of your current insulation. The visible problems are dependent on the season, so make sure that you have done some troubleshooting beforehand. Once again, there are some rebate programs in Chicago that you can look into to save money and many are available throughout the year.

Summer Symptoms

In the summer, your home might get extremely hot, even if it is not unbearable outside. In addition, those with air conditioning might find that it costs more to cool the house or that they cannot get the house to a comfortable temperature, even when the air conditioner is always on. It is also possible to find mold growing inside the house. If you have suffered from any of these issues, looking at insulation contractors should be your next step.

Winter Symptoms

In the winter, you will want to see if your walls are cool to the touch, as this signifies that there is not enough insulation present. The floors might also be cold, especially on a ground floor. If the house does not stay a consistent temperature throughout, it could also represent an issue. While basements are generally cooler, anything that is above ground should stay a similar temperature if the house is properly insulated. All of this will lead to higher heating costs, since your furnace will have to work harder to replace the escaping hot air.

How Insulation Works

There are various types of insulation that insulation contractors will consider for your home, depending on your budget and needs. In many cases, an air barrier will be implemented, which prevents air from moving through the walls from the inside or outside. By preventing air movement, hot and cold air stays where it belongs. Most contractors will also fill any gaps in the insulation, to prevent leaks from appearing. Part of this is minimizing thermal bridges, which are areas of the wall that contact both warm and cold at the same time.

In more advanced insulation systems, insulation contractors will use polyethylene sheeting. These sheets prevent moisture from accumulating inside the walls and moving inside of the house. Once condensation begins, it becomes much more difficult to keep the house a decent temperature.

Saving Money

In addition to the rebate programs in Chicago, getting new insulation can help save you money immediately but lowering your heating and cooling bills. At the same time, however, there will be an initial cost that you will have to come up with, even with these rebates. You will have to pay your insulation contractors for things like framing, finishing and the labor involved with the process.

If you live in a poorly insulated house, you will regret it sooner or later. If you do not think that you can afford to insulate it immediately, even with the rebate programs in Chicago, contact some insulation contractors anyway, just to see what it will end up costing you. You might be surprised at the price, especially when you consider the money that you will start saving on heating and cooling immediately.