What is Energy audit? How to conduct an energy audit and why it should be done in every house?  Energy Audits are tests done in the purpose to reduce drastically energy usage. The focus is on performing the audit and implementing inexpensive solutions that will reduce drastically the energy bills for the homeowner.

The audit includes various diagnostic tools that are used to determine exactly how inefficient the house is and how much money you are losing each month because of those inefficiencies. It will take about 4 hours to complete the audit, whether it is a 1,000 square foot starter home or 10,000 square foot mansion.

It is a common mistake to believe that replacing windows and doors or installing siding and roofing in the house are major factors to actual energy efficiency. These solutions may contribute to home efficiency but are very expensive to implement. However, good energy auditor will focus on implementing simple solutions that all have a payback period of 1 to 3 years.

Home Energy Audit – Step 1: Blower Door Test

The air Depressurization Test inside your home will allow you to feel exactly in what places the house is losing energy. You walk through the house with the homeowner and let him feel the air coming through the leaky window and door moldings, leaky wall outlets, recessed lights and the under-insulated walls. Air leakage in the house is the major cause for energy waste. Finding and fixing will save the homeowner a lot of money.

Home Energy Audit – Step 2: Thermal Imaging Analysis

Using an infrared camera on the house walls allows you literally see through the walls. With that tool, you will determine the level of house insulation levels. It will also indicate the air flow throughout the house so the homeowner can see with their eyes. Where is the place their house is losing energy?

Home Energy Audit – Step 3: Duct Leakage Test

Duct that may have been damaged over the years or were not installed properly is a major cause of energy loss in many houses. The average house wastes through leaky ducts 25% of its energy consumption. A thorough test for energy loss of the ducts within the house, with special equipment, will help you determine exactly how much energy and money the homeowner is losing due to the leaky duct work.

Home Energy Audit – Step 4: Efficiency and Safety Test

The energy consultants will also run tests on all the house combustion units. This will allow the homeowner to see if the boiler or the burner is running at its optimum efficiency. This test will also help to determine if the boiler or the burner is releasing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into the house.

Home Energy Audit – Step 5: Moisture Evaluation Test

Moisture builds up is a common problem with houses throughout the country. The moisture can cause health and safety problems for the all family that lives in the house. Moisture will cause problems with energy consumption and will show the exact leak location. The infrared camera is the right tool to test every crevice throughout the house. It helps us determine if there are any moisture or mold problems due to the inefficient ventilation or improper insulation installation.

Home Energy Audit – Final Report

After the audit is complete (which normally takes 3-4 hours), the certified energy auditor will compile all the data from the audit and customize various simple solutions for the homeowner. If you work under our restricted guide lines all the solutions will guarantee to reduce any house energy bills by up to 40% and have a payback period of 3 years or less. The solutions’ report will be printed and presented to the homeowner on the right after the audit.

Implementing Home Energy Audit

Upon the homeowner decision is to implement all the simple solutions you have suggested. It could be through a contractor or one extra service of your company. To complete the installation should normally take 1-2 days.

Do not have any idea on how to conduct energy audit and cut your electricity bills by half? Give us a call today.